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I read in a previous post the ability to request to twitch for an increase in the eventsub subscription limit. I can’t find where on the twitch support site I would do this. There is no area for developers, requests, etc. Thanks!

This was removed, which is why you can’t find this on the third party developers site: Twitch Developer Documentation | Twitch Developers

This is (generally) due to how EventSub does “cost” was altered (since that previous post was made) and generally speaking applications don’t need a limit increase.

If you have done an oAuth loop for a streamer, then topics for that streamer are cost 0.

So if you are listening for from lirik they are cost 1
If lirik then authenticates your application/ClientID, then becomes cost 0

Which lets you fit within the limit as authorized streamer topics are 0. So in theory you can have infinite subscriptions, as long as the entity involved has authenticate your app.


That is the issue. I run a service that has twitch alerts, but users can add other streamers, etc, which makes it hard to have those streamers authenticate. The authentication wouldn’t be helpful in my situation as users add their favorite streamers and wouldn’t have a way to authenticate them. Is there any other workaround or could I still attempt to request more of a limit, and where would I do so?


For your situation EventSub is not the appropriate solution. If you need to get data on streamers that haven’t authenticated to your app and would otherwise exceed EventSubs limits you should poll the API endpoint you need for that data instead as then you could use the User Token for the user of your service and that way even if they want data for other streamers the rate limit on that users token should be sufficient.

Hello, But this would still require me to have a dashboard like feature where the users would have to authenticate their twitch accounts correct? Is there any other way without having them to authenticate? Thanks

With an app access token you get 800 api calls per minute, and you can search up to 100 channels per api call. So you can query 80,000 channels per minute in theory without a single authentication. If one user signs up, you can query 80,000 per minute on their behalf too. And so on.

Services that scales to multiple Discord servers use caching. It’s highly unlikely that every single server the bot is in is wanting to get notifications for unique channels that no other Discord server has requested. So if hundreds of channels want to know when the TwitchDev channel is live, it’s still only going to make 1 request and cache the result, not 1 request for each server that wants notifications about TwitchDev going live.

Some services do have an increase rate limit for the API, but I don’t think the form to request an increased is used any more, and for the sort of service you’re looking to make you shouldn’t need an increased rate limit because the appropriate way to go about it would be to have users auth with your app and you simply use their token so you could scale to any size and wouldn’t even come close to the default rate limit on each token.

I understand. Is there anyway you can refer me to the form, so I can at least give that a try? I do cache my results, but I run a fairly large bot, and people add all types of streamers, so the auth wouldn’t really work unless I did your idea of authenticate the users token and then user their limit towards it, which is a whole different scenario. I am currently unable to even find this request form.


The form no longer exists.

You cannot apply for an EventSub limit increase.

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