EventSub - Trying to send the challenge response

Hi, I’m lost.

I trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong at sending the challenge after the twitch callback which I received but I do not understand how exactly.

In the Docs it says I need to return the challenge which have to be a raw string and I’m assuming it is the POST method again.

For example like that?

curl -X POST “
-d “123456789123456789”
-H “Client-ID: 456789123456789123”
-H “Authorization: Bearer 987654321987654321”

but the answer I get is

“error”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “invalid transport”,
“status”: 400

You send the challenge back to Twitch in the response to their POST request that contained the challenge. You don’t initiate a new HTTP request.

Well, sorry that i didn’t respond earlier but after I saw the answer, I was just facepalming…, I tunnel so hard on that. Anyways, thanks very much!

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