Expired SSL Certificate on id.twitch.tv


As of today (June 24th 2020) the SSL cert on id.twitch.tv has expired. We’re therefore unable to offer OAuth login with Twitch to our users on our site.

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Replicated the issue! Oh dear

I have the same problem. As most of our clients are using OAuth login with Twitch, this is pretty bad. Any ETA for a fix?

last update: “we are getting someone out of bed”

So within an hour

It’s kind of hillarious how often this already happend with different services. One would think that after the first or even the second time that alerts would be created which reminded someone one week before it happens (or even more) to renew the cert.


Two days later, one of 'Roots certs don’t auto renew and we begin more chuckling :slight_smile:


This issues looks fixed now!

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