Extension 'Approved pending action'


My extension was approved last week, pending actions I needed to take that were provided to me via email. I’m not sure what those actions are (I am the author of the extension)

My domain was expired and no emails were being received over the period it was approved. I have tried to contact twitch via dxr-support@twitch.tv, which I have received detailed approval/rejection information before in the past to no avail.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can get in touch with Twitch to get the details on what actions are needed to get my approval done? Thanks and sorry if I’m missing some obvious form that exists on the Twitch dev UI to get in touch with support.

This is the correct course of action.

You will have to wait for a reply.

But with an expired domain you might have other issues with email that are not cleared yet and Twitch just can’t reply and are getting bounced as your DNS hasn’t repropogated yet.

Whats the ClientID for your Extension, I might be able to nudge someone to help.

Thanks Barry,

I’ve confirmed DNS is working and emails are coming in. I’ve sent the clientID to you in a DM.

ClientID’s are public so there was no need to DM it.

Good to know! Sorry about that and thanks :slight_smile: