Extension is frozen

I’m trying to understand the extension from the tutorial “Extension 101 tutorial series”, but I have a problem…

Everytime I try to do the Local server test, I get the older version of the panel.html.


No matter what I change, this remains the same. and I don’t understand why :slight_smile:

I tried ro restart compute, but it shows always this version, and not the newer one.

Other thing that happens is… if I stop my localserver on port 8080, The extension still shows the panel above. So even if the server is stopped, I can’t stop extension for showing the same result. The only way I have to show the same result as my panel.html is to press on submit, so it changes…

I don’t what else to try :frowning:

Sounds like your extension is in fact in hosted test.

Since if you have stopped the server, then there shouldn’t be a server to load from.

Check the dev console to see whats going on

What it is exactly the dev console? Do u mean the “Ctrl + Shift + i” of the page?

There, I stopped the local host and realoded the page, and it still shows the older version of the extension. I am not on the hosted test (Or I don’t think so :joy: )

No I mean the dev console where the settings live

Then you have something else going on. If you have stopped the server and it still loads, and it’s not in hosted test on the console.

Then something on your machine is still serving the files up
And the files from another directory.

Turn the server off that you think it’s using
Then if it still loads, check the iframe tree and see where it’s loading from

Is there a part where I can see the exceptions? maybe I haven’t reached that point on What am I reading of the Twitch API. isn’t the Twitch console this page ¿Twitch Developers?

Where can I see the iframe tree? The only way I can think of where it could be loading the code from is here:

and right now, I can’t even load that page, because I stopped the service.

Earlier you said

Which told me that you stoppd the localhost server and the extension still loaded.

So this suggests you solved your own problem as not the extension is correctly not loaded where as earlier it was loading even with a stopped server?

I’m not sure at this point what you actual problem is

I meant that, as I stopped the service, I can’t load the “http://localhost:8080” on my web explorer as I could do when the service was on

It still loads an old version of the extension… I mean… even if I delete the folder, the extension remains the same just as I have shown.

Right now the local service is off, and it still shows the same extensions as I shared before

I’ll try other stuff to see if I can fix it… if you have anything else that could be working wrong, please tell me.

Thanks anyway!

Ok, right now I have not really clue on what’s going on…

Everytime I open my twitch channel, I see the extension as I showed on the first post of this topic (Even with the local server not working).

I have done two additional tests, which makes this whole thing even weirder:

1.- If I change the “Testing Base URI” on the twitch console to another url… the extension shows nothing (as it should be). if I come back to the port 8080, it still shows the panel from the first post.

2.- If I click on the submit button of the extension (without starting the local server) it says " the localhost page has rejected the connection"

If I start the server and click on the submit button, the extension changes to my real panel.html:


Then something somewhere in your stack/your machine is awake on 8080 and serving content. But only to GET URL’s

(A released extension won’t be able to POST as navigation is blocked/not permitted, but thats outside the scope of this thread)

Follow the iframe tree and see whats being loaded from where

So if you right click the extension and hit inspect.
You can follow the elements up and check the URL that is in use on the iframe
Then visit that URL directly and see whats returned.

If it’s loading when your server is off, then you have another server serving content responding to GET requests.

I don’t get it… in the <iframe src= I have this link “http://localhost:8080/panel.html?anchor=panel&language=es&locale=es-ES&mode=viewer&state=testing&platform=web
which I can copy paste on my explorer and see the same web as my extension…

However, if I write netstat on the cmd, I can’t find any application using the port 8080. Right now i’m really confused… I can’t understand how is that url working :face_with_monocle:

Then thats the problem you need to solve.

Find whatever it is seving the extension on localhost:8080 (and check your /etc/hosts file instead you have localhost set to not a ping localhost should confirm the IP for localhost as but worth a check)

OK, it seems that the software called “Twitch Developer Rig” was somehow involved. Though I never ended the configuration, refreshing the Manifest seems to solve the problem… I still don’t know exactly how this happened, but i’m pretty sure that will end up realizing.

Thanks!!! Problem solved!!!

(PD: my localhost was set on

PD2: well… after testing many things, the problems wasn’t fixed at all. For some reason, I can’t manage to load the panel.html from my local server… Creating the simple extension I wanted to is getting more completed than I though. and I haven’t even started…