Extension naming issues

Hey, I’m working on the next iteration of my extension and plan to rename it. I had created a couple projects in the new developer rig a while ago but never really worked on them. I wanted to create a fresh project so I deleted some of the extensions locally and in my dev dashboard thinking I could re-use the names of the extensions that I had deleted, but when I try to create another extension with the same name as a deleted extension I get this error in the dev dashboard: *Sorry, an error occurred when submitting the field on this page. Please double check the name field and then try saving changes again.

In the developer rig there is no displayed error, clicking the Next button on the Create New Project modal just does nothing if the name is the same as one of the deleted extensions.

The “control system” hangs on to the names for a little longer/it takes a while for a deletion to clear all of the systems correctly. How long this is? No idea.

You’d have had better mileage renaming extension a to somedumbname, then renaming extension b to the original name of a, probably

That is unfortunate. I thought this might be the case so I’ve been waiting. It’s already been a couple weeks I think.

But if I create the new extension with somedumbname I should be able to rename it when the old names are cleared?

You can rename extensions at will.

You just can’t use names that contain the Word “Twitch” or in use by another application/extension.

Thank you!

I’ve run into this same issue today like a chump. @palmettos, was it ever resolved and the name of the extension you deleted cleared up eventually, allowing you to rename to it? Any idea how long you had to wait on that?