Extensions and local files (on streamers PC)


I had idea about extension that can display information that are located on my streaming machine (mostly in form of text files) and updated frequently (like performance data, every sec) and are not suitable to be uploaded all the time.
Is that even possible?

it works on my local testing in developer rig, but the real deal is probably not running from my PC and I want to be sure before I invest more time into it.

thanks for reply

No, you need to push the data to the extension clients. The extension clients can’t read data from your local PC. You can use the pubsub to publish 5kb of data at a time, or use a middle man EBS to process the data and have the extension connect to that if you need to push more than 5kb at a time.


5kb should be ok (its just text), any pointers to basic/advanced tutorials how to do the pub sub in more detail then the default example?