Extensions Support for AAA Game Development Companies

Hi Community! I work for AA game developer Firaxis (Sid Meyer’s Civilization) and am exploring what we could do with extensions for our streams. Is there anyone/department at Twitch that would be able to support us in this ongoing initiative?

Dane Frederiksen

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Hello Dane

There are a few Community Developers that do Extension Consultancy (including myself). If you would like to talk drop me a message and we can have a talk.

There is also the TwitchDev discord server in which there is a looking for developers channel.

Twitch may be able to help put you in contact with these developers/consultants also


Andy (LuckyNoS7evin)

Hi Dane - sorry about the late pickup here but I recently was notified about this message and just want to follow up! I’m on the games alliances team at Twitch and can help you out.