Featured Extensions Not Changing

I have noticed that the same three extensions have occupied the primary “Featured Extensions” banner for several months now, which leads me to believe that something involved in the “Feature” process is broken. The list of extensions featured in this location used to change every couple of weeks, allowing other extensions to get exposure.

Can someone look into this? I would like my extensions to at least have an opportunity to be featured in this way, as I believe it would greatly increase their exposure and usage.


To my knowledge it’s manually curated and just doesn’t change to often.

Theres no way to apply to be featured.

No much more I can do beyond point you to uservoice for feature suggestions. (There probably is one already for featured extensions)

I agree with Joe. There used to be a very nice rotation of featured extensions and then it came to a halt about 4 or 5 months ago. Sure would be nice to spread it around again. Thanks!

The Extension Discovery page is generally pretty bad, so don’t expect any great increase in exposure/usage unless you aren’t doing any marketing/promotion of your extension yourself. Generally speaking if you reach out and market an Extension yourself, get it on to the right creators channels, and have it spread by word of mouth and viewers seeing what it’s capable of then that’ll do more for growth than expecting big increases from the Discovery page if you was to be featured.

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I have attempted promotion of my extensions, however often times streamers don’t take me seriously or worse, think I am trying to scam them. I expect if I could get my extensions on the Featured Extensions banner then it would lend me an air of credibility.

Additionally, it would be passive marketing. Streamers who navigate to the extensions page are already looking to install an extension. Having it at the top of the page with a large image and description makes it extremely easy to see and install without additional work from me. Any additional installs help.

Not that I necessarily think that my extensions are worthy of being featured, mind you. My original point here is that I have noticed that the list has not changed for months, leading me to believe that the process is broken. I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it.