Filled out Register Organization form and havent heard back for weeks

We have two games that are active now (Moving Out and Death Squared) and unable to claim them as the register organization (SMG Studio) form has been filled out and waited weeks now. I only remembered I did it when I tried again

How can I escalate this or check status?


I’ve dinged someone more useful than myself to take a look see

thanks. Im just unsure if the next step is getting spammed or i’m doing it wrong haha

I’m chasing up someone I know but still no word back :frowning:

@ASHfromSMG Hi there. My apologies for the delay. Has this been resolved?

@gangtaru’s reply just reminded me that I was looking into this last week! Thanks for that.

The team let me know that there are no organization or games pending for SMG Studio. The SMG Studio organization has already been created and approved though. The one thing they did notice was a developer requesting to be a part of that organization, which is a task that must be carried out by the owner of the organization. The owner or the developer requesting access is not information that I have access to. Please let us know if this helps point you in the right direction.

Thanks. Looks like the issue was I had an SMG account and my own personal and the personal one just needed to be added as a manager.

All resolved now.

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