First result in videos doesn't include a thumbnail_url (BUG)

If you get a streamer’s videos using this API the first result doesn’t include a thumbnail_url. It’s just an empty string.

If the VOD is still recording then it won’t have generated it yet. Hence there isn’t one (yet)

Left (kitboga) is not live
Right (sacriel) is live

Shouldn’t these not appear as videos then? I don’t believe the old API returned unrecorded videos.

Of course they should appear as videos because they are VoDs and are accessible even while the stream is still live. They just don’t have a thumbnail generated until the broadcast has finished, which you can experience on Twitch itself by going to the VoDs page of a channel that’s live and you’ll see that the VoD of the currently live stream lacks a thumbnail and just has the generic image for when a video lacks a thumbnail.

Also, v5 does return these videos in API requests, so the API is consistent in what results it is showing.

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