Follower Button off and on

Add a function to pause followers so we can stop bot attacks. One of my friends is facing Bot attacks and there isn’t a way to stop followers to fix the issue.

You need a first party uservoice feature request for this

You have posted on the third party support forums. You are in the wrong place.

Further reading from the Third Party Dev Discord Copy/pasta:

Hey there! Looks like you found us on a quest for help with view/follow bots. You’re in luck. While we can’t help you directly, you will find your answers here: Customer Support or here: Twitch Safety Center

It should also be noted that natively within Twitch there’s almost no impact whatsoever of follow bots. The issue comes from channels that have alerts and chat messages that trigger on a new follow, in which case simply disable whatever 3rd party service you are using, as it’s those services that are running alerts, not Twitch.

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