FrontEnd Loading Forever

So I am trying to run the hello world extension I followed the full tutorial have my keys and all, but when I go to: https://localhost:8080/video_overlay.html (while the backend is running) It just loads forever any reason why? This is my first extension on twitch so not exactly sure why. Any help appriciated.

Check the inspector tools for 404’s or network load fails

You’ll likely find an SSL issue has occured.
Sine SSL on localhost is problematic due to self signed certs

In visiting https://localhost:8080 will will have got an alert about self signed certs and manuallly accepted the certs. You willl need to do the same for the backend URL

The Only error I get in the console is crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.

Check the network tab, not the console.

The console won’t report the kind of error we are looking for.

Nope, no errors respond with the document and no 404 or something. Says status (pending) tho

That sounds like it’s failing to load/get a response and the server doesn’t/hasn’t sent anything back yet and will timeout after a bit.

Without an error not much I can help you with.

So, skip the example and just get on with building your extension, don’t get hung up getting the example going when you can just start with your actual extension.

Wait actually after clicking run front end on the dev rig I get: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR @BarryCarlyon

Oh if I go to http instead of https it works now just the change color button is greyed out.

Then you’ve got a issue with the SSL components.

Personally I don’t have my “local rig/host” use SSL.

I use my “real server” to provide SSL and nginx proxy pass to my system

see, for notes on my development environement

Specifically the final section on SSL, and two methods of SSL are provided

As the example is probably expecting SSL but the backend is still over SSL. Or the Frontend is trying to call over HTTPS and of course there isn’t a SSL Server to talk to now

Alright anyway to switch my server to non-SSL?

You’d have to refer to the HAPI documentation and work that out.

I don’t use HAPI or this example. So I’m not sure

Might just be a matter of removing