Funky Session Problem :(


I hope you guys are doing well. I’m having problems recently with the app that I’m developing. It seems like my login session keeps on timing out, because when I refresh my page sometimes the account logs out by itself. How can I prevent this from happening? :frowning: I desperately need help because I’m trying to build a community that helps small streamers gain more visibility.

Stay safe and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


This isn’t (likely) a Twitch API problem.

This is a “my session manager/controller isn’t perisisting cookies as expected” problem. IE A general web development issue.

And that could be any number of things. So it’s tough to answer.


Thanks for your reply, I tried contacting the hosting provider, and he told me that there were some weird php configurations in the server. App is now working again :smiley:


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