Get Channel Stream Schedule changed?

Hello, I’m wondering if the endpoint for ‘Get Channel Stream Schedule’ just recently changed to require USER OAuth Token or App Access Token?

If I’m not going crazy I remember successfully fetching any channels stream schedule earlier today but now it doesn’t work and just returns

	"error": "Unauthorized",
	"status": 401,
	"message": "Invalid OAuth token"

Is it supposed to work like that, so only the streamer them self can fetch their schedule?

Apologies if I misunderstand something.

It’s working fine here

I used a token for streamer a to load a’s schedule
Then used the same token to load stream b’s schedule

And then I got an app access token (from an extension no less)

and loaded schedules fine.

So I can’t find a problem

Make sure you are GET-ing and your code is doing what you think it’s doing.

Oke, I’ll take a second look.

Thanks for the QUICK answer!

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