Get overall information about a game


Is it possible to get general overall information for a game such as total viewers ? The old API would return this information here but it doesn’t seem present in the new API.

Is this something that was overlooked or an active decision to exclude this information?


First off, don’t create multiple topics on the same subject.

Secondly, Helix is still in development so there will still be changes and new endpoints added over time. If you want to make a suggestion the do it through the proper place

Finally, the v5 API is still usable even while deprecated, or if you wish to use entirely Helix you can use pagination to count total streamers/viewers for a game yourself.


Ok, sure. I just don’t understand the reason for the removal of the data. This is obviously available since it’s in the V5 API but it’s purposely missing in the new API. Mixing a deprecated API with a new API is not an ideal situation. I’ve been spending a lot of time just upgrading from the V3 API which I thought was perfect.


Again, Helix is still in development. Adding summary data for games may be included at a future date if there is sufficient need for it as Twitch prioritise new Helix endpoints, or changes to existing endpoints, based on need.

You can still get all the data you need such as total viewers entirely within helix if that is what you wish to use, it just takes multiple requests.


When I try to use the V5 API I’m getting this message now. Is it fully deprecated now?

{ error: 'Gone',
  status: 410,
   'War. War never changes... but APIs do. See' }


Ok, I added the Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json header and it worked once but now I’m getting this message even with that header. This has been a hugely frustrating experience working with this new API.

{ error: 'Gone',
  status: 410,
   'The API version you are looking for is in another castle. See' }


please refer to the migration guide

You omitted the v5 header

And if you are calling “top games” theres an active bug/issue as per another forum thread


It’s still not working. I just replied.

{ error: 'Gone',
  status: 410,
   'The API version you are looking for is in another castle. See' }



Yes, the games/top endpoint for V5 is very spotty. It works sometimes but they you get periods where it’s returning this error.


Hi folks, a fix was rolled out today for the issue causing unexpected 410s for top games. You should no longer receive these error messages.