Getting a list of channel videos

How to get a list of videos from specific channel using the Helix API?

You can use the Get Videos endpoint and specify the user_id param of the channel you want videos for.

How to retrieve more than 100 videos? There is no “total count” field returned.

Check to see if a pagination cursor exists in the response, if it does use the cursor as the after param to get the next page. Keep doing that until you there’s no more results.

from the docs example


What does it mean?

That’s the cursor. Simply add &after=eyJiIjpudWxsLCJhIjoiMTUwMzQ0MTc3NjQyNDQyMjAwMCJ9 to the URL and that will get you the next page of results (and a new cursor if there is a page after that).

Thanx. I will try it when i find a channel with more than 100 vids.

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