Getting different top Videos from api compared to

Hello, When fetching top videos (by views) from a specific category (ex. Just Chatting) I get different videos compared to “ Chatting/videos/all”.

My top Just Chatting videos (a bit weird) (NSFW?) top Just chatting videos

End point:
Query String Parameters:

The website uses different math/logic/thoughts to the API.

So the API and the Website may return different results

I thought something similar too but the Api endpoint “should” return all the videos and then the website filter the videos, right?.
So if I my videos from the API had more views than the website because the website might have filtered out some I would have understand. But in this case its the other way around. My (API) 27:th video have 540 views while Twitch’s have 24.6k.
Does this mean fetches videos from different sources/Api endpoints or does the API video endpoint not return ALL videos to me?

Also if I try to fetch only Highlights or Archive videos I get nothing, and ‘All’ only return Uploads.

Ps: Both top streams and clips work fine tho.

Apparently so. shrug

Ah oke, Thanks for the help.

Yeah not too much I can add and I don’t know if Twitch themseleves will give an answer on it.

Main website probably does a bunch of stuff with algorithms, regional data and recomendations rather than a flat pull from the API

Ah ya, your probably right.

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