Getting empty responses from new Twitch API

I’m getting empty responses from the Twitch API when using certain parameters. It’s hard to reproduce because it happens maybe 25% of the time.

For instance, calling Streams with the language and game_id parameters will sometimes return just an empty response. If I call Streams without these parameters it works everytime but with a combination like this maybe 1 out of every 5 times I get no results back.

This is the empty response I get sometimes.
data = (
pagination = {

Known quirk on helix, do the parameters in alphabetical order as noted in another post:


G comes before L

OP’s URL is correct. It’s jsut not behaving 100% of the time

derp. well then!

It’s happening 100% today now. If I remove the language parameter is works fine but if I include a game_id and language parameter it returns an empty response.

This is happening to me too.
I get an empty response when only using user_id OR user_login.
e.g. /streams?user_login=xxxxx

Same here. Getting empty response with the new API call

but proper response with v5 API and same live channel

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