Hard Restrictions for streamers and their own bots

Hi. Im a streamer on the platform and a developer as well. I build my own bot and programs on stream, and I wanted to create extensions and bots that can interact with my audience. But to make an extension or bot they have to be verified as it was going to be used by anyone else. The bot has to be verified in order to send whispers. I have filled the form for verifying explaining that my bot can’t be added to any channel (neither removed) and what it does is general interaction on my own channel with my audience. And it’s always rejected!

It’s my own bot for my own channel and I would love to send whispers to my audience to respond them. But I have to explain how not to add it neither remove my bot to other channels?

Also for extensions, the process is always thought to “sell” the extensions to other streamers and I just want to use my extension in my own channel!

Is it possible to have a workaround for streamers like me?

Verified status isn’t for bots on a single channel, it’s aimed at bots that need the rate limits to operate on a large number of channels on the platform. A bot operating on a single channel should never come anywhere close to the limits and need verified status.

Regardless of any status your bot may get, whispers are not something your bot should utilize, they are unreliable to the Twitch’s spam prevent measures and things of that nature, so even verified bots can in no way reliably send whispers, so you should design your bot to either use chat, or to return information to the user through your extension.

Extensions don’t have ‘verification’ or anything like that. If you want to use the extension on your own channel then just add your channel to the allow list, and go through the review process. Once it passes review only your channel will be able to install it, and viewers can interact with it on your channel.

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