Having problems on-boarding? Post here!


I can confirm that there is more than one support person at Twitch.


Ive been invited to the affiliate program but on the tax royalty step (step 3) it says not started so i go to start it and it say this: Tax identity information already received
Your information has been received and is awaiting validation. There is nothing else you need to do. During this time, you will not be able to provide any additional information or make changes. We will contact you if we require additional information.

but the progress say 0% on that page and it says “not started”. So im not sure what to do at this point.


What did it say to do?
How did you resove this? And who should i email?


I’m still stuck in Support Limbo, but visit help.twitch.tv and send them an email. You’ll be able to attach screenshots too. The issue is all on their back-end, so there’s not much of anything you personally can do to resolve it, which sucks.

UPDATE: Still nothing from the team.


i’m stuck in “Provide payment information” section. I select “Hold my payments” in payment info dialog but when i click “Next” it returns always to same “Provide payment informations” section with “End” button disabled.
I’ve tried with Bank transfer and Paypal, same result.

Anyone can help?


please i need help to leave developer and join affiliate. i have near 500 follows and no one can suscribe to mi chanel… any help? thx any way


Thought i would drop my scenario in here, as it is slightly different. I have already raised with support, so hopefully it will be resolved.

I partially completed the Developer Onboarding, but stopped for various reasons.

Have recently been invited to Affiliate, but my message says i have to complete the developer onboarding first. So i did, but it hasn’t allowed me to continue with Affiliate.

I am guessing it is the same related issues to the above. and to be honest i wouldn’t mind pulling out of the developer onboarding to continue my path to affiliate.

Can't start Affiliate Onboarding

I have been waiting for my tax information to be reviewed. it has been 48 hours. please contact me.




My tax information is validated but its still telling me that it has failed. I’m stumped.


I can’t pass Service tax interview. I’m out of US. I’m putting my US EIN number, but it says


What should i do?


Is anyone still checking this thread? Cause i kinda have the same issue of the guys that wrote above


I’m currently having issues with the payout setup. Thanks for the help in advance.


I’m stuck at the service tax interview.

It’s been stuck for 2 days.
I have sent in an email and a support ticket but have yet to receive any response.
I’ve tried restarting from scratch multiple times, but now, it doesn’t even let me redo that one.
It just shows “Not started” and when I click to start it, the popup says that it’s still processing and information already received.


Has anyone had their issue resolved or is this a waste of time?


Yes; this thread is still being read!

Without going into too many details about how and why the extension developer on-boarding experience has challenges, when you are stuck during a tax interview, it normally means one of a couple of things:

  • that the information entered doesn’t match records held by the IRS;
  • EINs verification is not automated by the IRS, meaning that this can take longer to verify.

The feedback around this experience has been heard very loud and clear. The on-boarding process will be changing shortly. Whilst this will not help those of you in the community that have experienced this pain, it will mean that going forward, the process should be significantly smoother, and easier. Don’t ask me for timelines!!! :sweat_smile: We are working on it.


I’m getting the “Extensions Developer Onboarding” without the Affiliate Onboarding" error I keep seeing about. Successfully signed up with extensions (not too big of a deal because I do want to check that out and see if I can make an extension), but don’t get my Affiliate Onboarding. Successfully completed the Affiliate milestones a few days ago. Just wanted to write here and not start a support ticket because I am reading mixed signals about it, that I may get an email in a few days, that there are delays, or whatever. A friend of mine got his right away.

I think it may be due to my having started the developer onboarding months ago, deciding not to do it at the time, and then doing it after I met the affiliate milestone. Probably caused a hitch in the system where the automated affiliate onboarding didn’t trigger.

Twitch name = fsc1


Had an incomplete Extensions Developer Onboarding, which i finished now btw and was approved but it caused me to never receive my affiliate email, can’t get to the affiliate onboarding. Emailed support and a forums staff for help, figured id bomb this in here as well. Twitch name matches the display name in here.


Did you ever get to onboard?


I am similarly having an issue where I hit my Affiliate milestones while I had a partially complete Extensions Developer onboarding. After being alerted that I needed to complete the extensions developer onboarding to proceed with affiliate, I did so immediately. I quickly completed the remaining steps of the process, and I was approved.

However, when I now select “Get Started” for the Affiliate onboarding I get taken to the Extensions Developer section of my dashboard settings page, even though it is already complete. I have no messages/alerts saying that my extensions developer onboarding is incomplete, or any notifications/messages of any kind to tell me why my affiliate onboarding is redirecting me here. I have a support case opened (Case #14110018) but haven’t received anything other than an automated reply with irrelevant information.


Having the same issue described here.

Had partially completed Extensions Developer Onboarding, got the popup saying I am eligible to join Affiliate, and to complete Extensions Developer Onboarding to proceed with Affiliate Onboarding. Now after having Extensions Developer completed and approved, I still don’t see Affiliate Onboarding and clicking the Affiliate “Get Started” link takes me to the Extensions Developer page.

Also sent in a support ticket for this issue.