Having problems on-boarding? Post here!


@I_Squirt_Bullets_PS4 I have the same problem, dose anyone know why?


For everyone who is having issues with their Affiliate Onboarding, we would like to look into this further and make sure we get you in touch with the right people. Would you be able to write into our team and provide your Twitch Username and/or your twitch user ID?



Hi There, I am a extension developer trying to complete " Extensions monetization onboarding 4.", however when I click the link, it just jumps to the extension page, there is no " Continue to Onboarding " link for me to complete this step.

then @BarryCarlyon help me showing there should be an “Extension developer” section under dashboard, however in my account there is no such thing. I can see my own WIP extension in the invite only section of the extension to install.

Is there any chance I can get some help?


I’m having the same issue as @HoneyComb. I clicked the link in Step 1 of the Monetization Onboarding Procedure for Non-Twitch Partners/Affiliates, which took me to my developer dashboard which does not have any such link for the onboarding process. I have created an extension on the Extensions page (newly created, so it’s incomplete and under the status of “Testing.”)

Please help ASAP - I need this extension to be done by the end of February for the Twitch Extension + AWS Hackathon!


Apparently people are asked to submit issue with Twitch ID on https://twitchdev.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.
So far I have not got any answer…

I suppose there are some issue with our account, trying to enable monetization but we are not affiliate at all, just developers :smiley:


Gotcha, thanks for the tip! Hopefully they get back to us soon :sweat_smile:


No Extensions monetization onboarding link available in the dashboard

As of today, trying that link with my user name gets me a page with a message saying:

“Sorry, unless you have a time machine that content is unavailable”.


I need help, Im doing the TAX Info and it says in swedish that it doesnt match with step 1 and step 3 but that option that doenst match is optional and i didnt even write anything there, and then i tried to write something there and the same problem came up again


@t.tvOpticalRL the most common reason why this pops up is because the address is highly sensitive, so you need to make sure it matches exactly every step of the way. Can you try again?



I have tried contacting support. I’ve completed all my milestones to activate affiliate but when ever I try to click the “get started” link button this is where it takes me:

I would really like to be able to monetize my channel. Thank you.


I’ve been completely stuck on the on-boarding process for months. My on-boarding is stuck on the Tax Forms section despite my Tax Forms being approved on Amazon via the link THEY provided.

Now my on-boarding is still bugged saying I’m on the payout step but it won’t let me continue or restart.


Hey, I have reached the requirements to begin the process of becoming an affiliate on Twitch, however there is an issue.

I click the “Get Started” button located in the achievements tab. Instead of taking me to a new page, I’m taken to this page, saying that the content I tried to access is unavailable.

Any help with this would be great, thanks!


Completed achievements for Affiliate around 3 days ago but I am currently running into an issue with the get started button. When I click the button to continue the process I receive a message stating the page is not there.


i’ve had affiliate goals met and two step for 4 or 5 days, i never got an email from twitch, there is no get started button in my channel settings however there is one in achievements but when i click that it brings me to the page you get when you try to go to a banned channel “unfortunately unless you have a time machine this content is no longer available” and i tried your method but there is no get started button in my extensions what so ever, any ideas on what im doing wrong here?


Still tax form under review been 2 weeks recently suspended for being framed for somethinf could that be why it took so long? Also i put my ssn wrong i cant restart plz help.


I can’t read Swedish but I am having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy! Mine is because of my apartment number and tre way the two forms are setup! :woman_facepalming:t4: I don’t understand if your answers have to be identical why aren’t the forms identical?!


Hey guys I could really use some help!
I am stuck at part 3 in my onboarding process. Basically Twitch has an issue with my address and says it doesn’t add up no matter what I do. Parts 1 and 3 are supposed to have identical answers yet the forms are not identical. In part one they have 2 address lines and in part two they have an address line and a section specifically for apartment numbers and no mater what I do it will not accept it and I can’t not give my apartment number when it’s for tax reasons. I sent an email to Twitch a week ago and have still yet to hear a response. I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks guys :heartpulse:


Hi there

My Twitch Affiliate program on-boarding stucked on Tax Review (3rd step) about 2 weeks. I can’t restart it from the beggining, Amazon Tax can’t help me (I’ve contacted Amazon support). And Twitch Support doesn’t response me all this time.

Can somebody help me? xD I really upset


I am living overseas and twitch cannot confirm my address when I am on the 4th and final step for affiliate onboarding. It tells me in the image above to confirm and continue however, when I click that nothing happens.I have emailed them twice with no response apart from the automated response, please HELP!


I having the same exact problem right now. With the get started button taking me to a blank page. Did you ever get a resolution? I’ve tried contacting twitch support several times