Having problems on-boarding? Post here!


I completed the "Path to affiliate " achievement 5 days ago and I still can’t do the affiliate onboarding. It takes me to a blank page that says about a time machine.I have submitted tickets to get help with it. I even got twitch turbo so I should have help by now but still I dont have any help. I’d very much like to be an affiliate already


royalty tax forms interview has been locked on review for the past 3 months. Have tried to contact twitch customer support a few times. Have not received any help. How can I fix this @prime_donut There is not restart or reset option and it does not let me continue to next step


Hi, so I recently got the Path to affiliate achievement around 5 days ago, when clicking “get started” to start my on-boarding process it lead me to this error page with quote “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.” Is there a fix to this, could anyone with experience or twitch staff help me resolve this? Thank you.

Twitch name: famski


IVE BEEN STUCK ON THE ROYALTY TAX INTERVIEW FOR A WEEK. ive emailed twitch support 7 times now in the span of a week and not a single one has a response… it has been almost over a week where it has been stuck on “under review” for the royalty tax interview and its extremely infuriating… is there a way to restart the application process to restart incase i filled something out wrong? or do i jsut have to wait for months for them to get their information together to ACTUALLY respond to a dang ticket… Twitch Name: Shadowgam3rx


is your information still locked for under review?


Spamming them with emails wont help you, and may get you moved to the back of the support queue each time you send a new email.


its just really frustrating that there is zero responses and zero indication on what was wrong with the process IF anything was even wrong with it in the first place?


Support tickets can take several days, sometimes weeks in certain circumstances. Being stuck at the tax interview stage for only a week is not a lot of time. Be patient and give it time.


Yes it is. And I haven’t received a response email either


I’ve been waiting for almost three months now


Sorry to hear that @Samantha_Lopez. Can you email developer_support@twitch.tv . Thank you


Yes I will email them now. Thank you


I tried emailing them but it says its invalid


@mauerbac I think the part that messed up my application was that rather than providing a SSN I applied with a EIN number which might have gotten the wires mixed up. Is there a way to “start over the process” in order to apply with a SSN if that would fix the issues? I’ve searched all over the internet and cant seem to find out how to fix or restart the process! Thanks for your time!


any form of information or help would be extremely appreciated! if I could restart the process to fix it that would be helpful to its just hard not knowing anything or getting any response. Thanks for your time.


@Samantha_Lopez- what says its invalid ? @Shawdon_Sings - you need to contact main Twitch support via -> https://help.twitch.tv/s/contactsupport


I have just emailed you at that email! thank you so much for all of your help!!! @mauerbac


I’ve been stuck on step 3 of 4 for actual months now. I don’t know whats going on. I’ve emailed support at least 5 times and haven’t gotten any responses. twitch.tv/rybrilla


Hey guys been trying too become affiliate since february been stuck on the royalty tax part on step 3 saying the my address doesn’t match up but already went threw it loads of times to make sure it correct still nothing and also saying I need a address # 2 which makes no sense I only live in one place! can someone help me out really would appreciate it


@mauerbac can I get some help…