Having problems on-boarding? Post here!


Please do not ping staff directly. It won’t help you any quicker

Street Address
Street Address 2


street address line 1
street address line 2

It doesn’t mean you put your WHOLE address in the one line

I have removed your screenshot as you didn’t omit your personal information.


Please note that the developer team (the staff present on this forum) cannot assist with the onboarding process used for Affiliate status and the ability to monetize with Bits as a Twitch Extensions developer. Since this process handles sensitive information, it is maintained by the Twitch Support team and any inquiries should be sent to them via the following form. We understand that this process can take some time, but it is the right course of action and the correct team to resolve onboarding issues.



I don’t think that what the street address line 2 is for ive tried splitting up the address in between both line in different ways and still nothing… Ive email twitch already to that form the other guy under you said to email did that a while ago still nothing this is very frustarting other streamers i’ve asked said they had no problem getting threw this part of the affiliate proccess and they have tried to help me but nothing works I have plenty of viewers that would love to subscribe to me but they can’t since I can’t get past this step for about 5 months now!!!


hey i’m having a problem with twitch affiliation on boarding i have done my application but when i got to my royalty tax its been under review for over a month now and i have messaged twitch about 10 times but no response. Any advice or anyway i can get help?


Messaging Twitch 10 times in a month is quite excessive, and can put you at the back of the support queue each time you contact them.

As the post by jbulava above Having problems on-boarding? Post here! says, the developer team cannot assit with the onbaord process sued for affiliate status here, so if you’ve already gone through the contact support link provided, be patient and wait, and do not spam them with emails.


how long does it take for them to respond? i did wait 3 weeks before emailing at first.


It takes as long as it takes, all depends on how busy they are. Keep in mind that the affiliate process deals with sensitive information so there may not be many support staff authorised to help with these issues so please be patient.


It’s been a month since I’ve submitted my information to become an Affiliate and still stuck on step 3.
From what I read on the forums and such I have two options

1 - submit a ticket
2 - restart the process

1 - I’ve submitted 5 tickets and have been told to wait or restart the process
2 - I don’t have an option to restart my application. I’ve tried all three type of browsers with no ad block and don’t see it.

So if anyone has any ideas that would be great,


Don’t submit five tickets. One is enough submitting more punts you to the back of the queue.

You’ll have to wait


Processing takes more than 1 month? Because I’ve been seeing people averaging a day at most to process everything.