Having trouble embedding on 2nd Wordpress site


Any help would be appreciated! I have my channel successfully embedded on www.elasticarts.org/streaming and am trying to also embed that same channel on www.elasticarts.org/benefit and it doesn’t seem to work. Can someone help me with the proper iframe html code? Using the same code for both obviously isn’t the answer. Thank you ahead of time! It’s so appreciated!


Hi Ben,

In order to use Twitch embeds, a website needs to be running securely over HTTPS. If I manually add “https://” to your URLs above, the Twitch embeds show properly. If possible within you hosting options, you should force HTTPS connections for all visitors.

Oh wow, you’re right. Thank you! Now I need to figure out how to force HTTPS connections for all visitors on my Wordpress site. Do you know if that’s an easy process? I’m relatively new on the job. Thank you so much!

I use the plugin “Really Simple SSL” and that works fine for me.

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