[Helix] Check user subscription endpoint


I was going through some migration of a system I have, and I started to notice a difference between Kraken & Helix. Where the check user subscription is no longer containing the “created_at” property, which contained when the sub was latest “refreshed” which was once a month from my previous knowledge. This made it possible to estimate when the sub was going to expire, which I used for other sub systems to work with to not require queries towards the API all the time.

Is there any plan to add something of this kind to the Helix endpoint, or might this be a feature request of such property to the response?

Kraken: Users Reference | Twitch Developers
Helix: Reference | Twitch Developers

It’s already in as a feature request

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Ah perfect! Thanks for the fast response as usually :smile:

Could probably refer to that UserVoice then :slight_smile:

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