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I’m developing a chrome extension and by reading the doc i saw that from 30 april Helix endpoints will require to use Oath. My extension is only using streams?user_login=XXXX to know if the streamer is online and the title of the stream. Does it will require Oath later ?
I try to find documentation about it but can’t find anything.

Also i’m not using a server side language and in the case i have to use Oath and make request with sensible Token how could i achieve it ?I’ve thinked about making the API call with an external server that make the request and call it from my extension but i try to find a way to not have to pay to host something for such basics infos.
I know this have nothing to do with Twitch but maybe someone already thinked or work on something similar and can enlighten me.

Thank you in advance for your time


Authentication is covered here:

For a chrome extension, you’ll probably implement implicit auth.

Here is an Implicit auth example and live demo

Code: https://github.com/BarryCarlyon/twitch_misc/tree/master/authentication/implicit_auth
Demo: Twitch Implicit Auth Example

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