[Helix] Get Banned Users Returns Infinite Duplicate Results, 500 - Internal server Error



  • Endpoint: /moderation/banned
  • Method: GET
  • Suspected Parameter: first


When requesting all banned users in my channel, cursors that point to non-blank pages even after all banned users are returned. When following those cursors, the same list of banned users are returned infinitely until Twitch returns 500 - Internal Server Error after many requests.

Currently, in my channel there are 6 banned users. Whenever I specify first with a value less than 6, I get exactly the number of requests back and the number of users back. Fore example, when I set first=1, I make 6 requests and get the 6 banned users back. When I set first > 6, I only make one request and still get 6 users back as expected, to a point. For some reason, when I set first to a high value, I start getting the behavior described above. For me, this value is when first >= 94.

Test No. 1: first=93

  • Request: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/moderation/banned?broadcaster_id=45947671&first=93

This test behaves exactly as expected. I make the request above and I get one page back with the 6 banned users. When I follow the cursor to the next page, there’s no banned user data signifying the end of the results.

Response Data

Test No. 2: first=94

  • Request: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/moderation/banned?broadcaster_id=45947671&first=94

At this point, I start getting pages with the same 6 banned users repeated indefinitely. Each cursor always points to a page with returned banned users.

In the response data posted below, note how every 6th user is the exact same. This is after following the cursor 5 times.

Response Data

Error Message

And eventually, when I let this run infinitely, I get the 500 - Internal Server Error from Twitch.



The best place to report issues is on the github issue tracker :smiley:

Check if a similar issue already exists :slight_smile:

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