Helix subscriptions API returning error after reading subscriber 800-900 of a streamer

I have a bot that retrieves all subscriptions from a streamer (to process for point distribution). About 10 channels use this bot and run just fine. Since yesterday I’ve had problems with retrieving the subscriptions of one of my users, SouzyLIVE.

The bot does helix calls to get subscriptions. Because the streamer has more than 100 subscriptions, I use the cursor to get the next batch, in batched of 100 each.

The weird thing is that I get an error code 500 internal server error when I try to get subscriptions 800-900.
When I change the “&first=100” to “&first=50” I get everything in batches of 50, up to 850 subscribers.
But then the request getting subscribers 850-900 returns an internal server error.

{“error”:“Internal Server Error”,“status”:500,“message”:""}

Further testing reveals that I get the error at retrieving the 881th subscriber.

  • I tried gifting a sub to see if that resolved the problem, but it did not
  • Other streamers that use this bot can retrieve their subscriptions in batched just fine
  • Before yesterday SouzyLIVE also could retrieve his 800+ subscriptions just fine

I did not change my code, nor did SouzyLive change anything in his settings or authorization.

The only thing I can think of is that i get this error because a specific user subbes to his channel?!
Please help me out, what did I miss?


  • SouzyLIVE has around 880 subscribers, so the problem might be when reading the last batch of subscribers
  • I visited the TwitchDev discord and saw a similar issue in the api-help category, so it might be on Twitch’s side?

This is a known issue kicking about as you found on the Discord.

Waiting for twitch to resolve

Issue being tracked at

Since it’s now still occuring

This issue seems to be solved now.
Thank you all for your effort <3

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