How are Twitch tracking websites still pulling hourly viewer stats for games with the API no longer providing this info?

The previous Twitch APIs allowed the viewer counts for each game to be easily pulled using the Get Top Games function.

The new Helix API no longer provides viewer counts, but all major Twitch tracking websites seem to be still collecting this data.

How is this possible? Is there a way to do still pull each game’s viewer counts easily and legitimately without having to scrape the site?

They likely didn’t use the summary counts in the first place.

Since they collected data by stream they always pulled “get streams” and colelcted the counts from each streamer. Since most of these sites do “counters/stats by streamer” so the totals is based off of that.

This is an example implementation

Your best bet would be to ask $site how they do it. Otherwise we can only guess!

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