How can I get all subscribers with Get Users Follows?

How can I get all subscribers with Get Users Follows?

I have already tried ‘first’ but I can only get up to 100, I would like to get all of them, with the new API.

Thank you

Subscribers are not followers

Subscribers are people whom pay money to a streamer
Followers are people whom follow the stream/get live notifications and don’t pay

You are given a cursor, use the cursor with after<user ID>&first=100&after=THECURSOR

Yes, you’re right, I had the wrong method.

I wanted to put the Get Broadcaster Subscriptions, I must put the same ‘after = THECURSOR’ and could you explain what ‘THECURSOR’ is?

Where should I send the cursor?

As the query string parameter after

Helix is uniform in it’s usage of after for pagination using the cursor

When do I know if pagination is necessary?

If any of the following criteria are true then you may need to paginate

  • You get a cursor in the response
  • The page you just loaded has the same number of records as your first parameter

I’ve already done it, thanks

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