How do I use wildcards for searching users on the new API


I am moving from kraken to helix. How do you use wildcards when searching for users?

It seems the new API wants an exact match for the user name, where before I could just give a partial user name and I’d get several results.

For example, let’s say I’m searching for users with the name “star” in their username:

returns nothing however ‘starcraft’ (exact match) returns full user information for the user starcraft.


You don’t it’s a 1/1 lookup


So the new API removes functionality? How do people search for users on Twitch now?

Edit: requiring an exact match when creating a search is kind of useless.


The New API is not a user search. It’s a user lookup

New API doesn’t have a user search endpoint, we expect New API to have feature parity with v5 before v5 is removed.

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