How to have a game post something in chat?

Let’s assume the following feature;
“The game post a death counter in chat, when the player dies in-game.”

Right now, I’m stuck at; how to figure out what IRC channel is attached to a specific stream ID.
But I have the feeling it might be more complicated than a server simply sending a message?

Well I’d assume you’d let the person playing the game, attach their twitch account to the game via oAuth.

Then you know which twitch streamer is playing the game (and people can’t enter another old channel name and spam someone elses chat)

Game is approved by the player with the authentication OAuth process.
Authentication code is used and a OAuth token is retrieved by our backend.

I know who’s streaming (User ID), I know which stream (Stream ID).

How do you find which chat id is linked to a specific stream?

If you have the users ID’ then just use the users API to look up their current username

And if you don’t have the userID’s then user their oauth with

And it’ll return the user for that oAuth

I know all that. How do I find which chat is associated with a stream?

A given users chat is their username…

For example, I auth
You lookup user ID 15185913
You see it’s for barrycarlyon
You join #barrycarlyon on your IRC/TMI bot

Ah! Thanks!

I guess it should be written somewhere that streaming IRC channel are the streamer’s nickname. Or perhaps I’m blind.

It is covered here

It just doesn’t explicitly say, something like that, since it’s assumed knowledge of the platform

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