How to store data in developer rig configuration service?

Hello, I’m trying to store data to the configuration service of the developer rig. When I save data through the configuration service tab inside the rig it works but when I call the set method from the helper it doesn’t work. My project is in local mode.

Generally it seems a lot of people have this issue.

The problem is likely due to the JWT not quite being valid for this call. Or your view isn’t configured correctly.

You didn’t present any code so we can’t debug that.
And you should check that the Config Service is enabled in the dev console and the rigs manifest has been updated.

The config service tab will use the API to set the config.

The optimal way to test this is on the Twitch Website itself where the “system” is more realistic and will have less “fun issues” that the rig likes to manifest.

Personally all my configuration calls are done via the API from the EBS rather than the JS Helper calls.

But you can crack open dev tools and follow the calls and see if you can debug the problem. But best bet is to test on the “real” Twitch website rather than the rig.

I’ve set how I want to configure my extension to: Extension Configuration Service at the dev console and also refreshed the manifest in the rig. If I call twitch.configuration.set(‘broadcaster’, ‘1’, ‘json string’); , nothing happens. In the front end log there is no put call.

Then skip the Rig and run your testing of this on the live site.

The Rig is only an approximation of the live Site.

There are any number of things it could be.
And I’m not in front of your rig of the instance.

Yeah I could do that but that would complicate the whole process and I thought the rig is there to make testing easy and simple.

Some things in the rig people run into issues with them

Such as setting config.

in a quick spot test in the rig .set doesn’t work for me either.
A lot of people have this problem in the rig. Generally I don’t use the rig unless I’m spot testing (mobile) views real quick. And do all my testing on the live site.

So you’ve got as far as you can in the rig. And config setting jsut doesn’t work from a view.

Rig is just there as an approximation, (and can you test video extensions without being live). The rig is also a little out of date with recent changes too. But people have had issues with config setting since time immomorial

Ok thanks for your help.