How to test requestIdShare?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to remake the new points system but I’m not able to test if requestIdShare() is properly called since it does nothing when called by the developper. I tried adding another account in the dashboard, but nothing seems to happened, still no popup asking the right to share the ID.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks !

Don’t test it in the Developer Rig, it doesn’t work

You’ll have to test it on The Twitch website instead. Either in local or hosted test. And then just login to Twitch as the user you want to test it with.

Additionally, on the Dev Console make sure that under “Capabilities” you have enabled ID Sharing

Thanks for the lightning fast response !

I was trying to test but I couldn’t find any documentation about how properly test the extension. I just understood that I need a local server web ( I’m testing with npm http-server is it enough ? ). Then I don’t know if I need to strat a stream to view the extension or something else.

Is there an article or documention page I’m missing ?

You’ll need to be serving over SSL

And you only need to be live for a video extension

Hi again,

I successfully setup a local SSL server, I can see my extension when I turn on the stream :+1:

But, my script doesn’t seems to execute properly i got the error “Extension Helper Library Not Loaded”.

I check I have the line :

In my video_component.html.

Also, I’m serving the public folder which contains every html files and scripts of the extension.

As you can see, the extension is visible but it’s broken :frowning:


Check your network tools and investigate why your JS didn’t load and/or if you HTML/CSS etc loaded