How would I go about getting viewership/game/streamer data?

I have been using the API to collect normal data such as current top streamers/games, but how would I go about getting, lets say - total hours watched by day/week/month/year for a game or streamer?

For example, I want to know how much average viewers a streamer had for the past month to now, how would I go about implementing that?

I am using Python flask for my back-end and will be using Chart JS to display the data. I’d appreciate any help, thanks.

You would have to do what you are already doing, but compile that data for the amount of time. If you want a years worth of data, you need to record the api and store it for a year. Just make sure to take into account the dev agreement and TOS on any data you are storing and displaying for others.

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Ahh got it, thank you.

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