Huge gap chatters vs. viewers

Hello everyone.

I recently started streaming, in addition to helping a friend develop an extension to increase viewer engagement.
I noticed that there was a big gap between the chatter and the viewers.
A check I did it can take between a few minutes and tens of minutes from the time someone enters the chat to the moment it actually appears there. Which does not allow to send a private message?
In addition, there is a huge gap between the viewer’s exit from the broadcast and the exit from the chat.
I would love to know how twitch IRC works - do you have multiple rooms on separate servers with a load balancer?


People can be in chat and not watching the stream
People can be watching the stream and not in chat
People can be watching the stream and not logged into chat

The gap is expected


You don’t have to be in the chatters list to send a message, so if your send is failing you have another issue going on

@BarryCarlyon thank you for your quick response.

I also see cases when there are way more (some times thousands) chatters than viewers. on the first thought, I was thinking it’s all the bots, but I disqualified it - I guess it’s connected to the cache thing.

genius! I will use it.

Is the incoherence in the chat is something that is going to be addressed in the future, or is Twitch living with it in peace and it is something that was done intentionally?

No idea.

It’s fun to maintain an active list when people leave/join/refresh the page all the time compound that exponentially for large channels, then again for multiple large channels.

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