I give my Client ID to a hacker by email for error

Guys i am very scared an hacker think scammed me, i gived him my client ID, what i have to do?

Client ID’s are public.


a) Doesn’t matter they are public
2) Still they are public
iii) Why you giving out data you think might be private to someone via email anyway?

Thanks for the information, the fact Is: i created an extension in Twitch developer site for see my client id, now i am not able ti remove It, why? Maybe someone Is in?

If you cannot delete an extension then you likely aborted the create wizard and you don’t have any versions on the extension. The extension needs at least one version before you can delete it.

Each Client ID is specific to the extension or application.

So if you delete it and make a new extension/application you’ll get a new ClientID.

Extension Client ID"s are also used in the URL to display and install the extension so this information is public. If you are building an extension there is no need to delete, just got create a version and get building.

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Ok thanks you very much, i thinked that i was in troubles

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