I need advice and / or help

Hello! I need advice and / or help.
My bot has a command, something like a fake ban. Any user can send another to a fake ban. And I need to somehow highlight the “banned” user. And I do not know how, and here I need your advice.
Can I change the user’s display name?
Can I make any changes to messages sent by the user?
Or maybe I can write a notification like the first time a user sent a message to the chat, but in such a way that all users can see it?
Of course, all these manipulations are temporary. That is, within, conditionally, five minutes I need to somehow select the user sent to the fake ban for the chat.




I cannot think of a good way to do what you want to do.

You either ban (or timeout) someone from chat, or you don’t.

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Thanks for the answer! This greatly restricts the available interactivity on the stream. But I was expecting something like this, so I didn’t get too upset. :sweat_smile:

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