Incorrect follow/user in docs?

is listed as no Authorization needed for that endpoint

curl -H 'Client-ID: uo6dggojyb8d6soh92zknwmi5ej1q2' \
-X GET ''

is the shown snippet with only Client-ID in the header


Even adding my token gets me an error with Authorization: Bearer

The client ID is there, i just swapped it for <client_id>/ to not leak info about it, but they were there on request

As per the helix change, all helix endpoints require an oAuth token.

You need to add a header of

Authorization: Bearer TOKNEHERE

There is a ticket in for the Documentation being fixed (it was fixed then it was broken)

ClientID’s are public no need to hide that.

My implict auth example here

Provides an example of specifying the header.

I’ve got a feeling that i’m still doing something wrong>

Also, wouldn’t the snippets shown in the documentation need to be updated to include the Auth Header?

Thank you.

You seem to sending the clientID and authorization as query string arguments, not a header.

Yup, we have a uservoice open for fixing the docs

Aaah good catch, didnt notice i was using param over header. Ty Barry!

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