Is it possible to get client info from just a Client-ID

I am writing an application that allows one to enter a valid Twitch API Client-ID token. From this, I’d like to be able to tell the user that this client-id is valid by requesting GetUser on itself (to retrieve login and user-id). However, this seems to not work since a bearer token is needed (which I believe is different than from the client-id) Is it possible to get a bearer token from just a client-id, or better yet, get user info from just the client id?

A client id represents an App, not a user, so is impossible to get any user details from it through the API. The client id alone is also not sufficient to get an OAuth token as you need the user to go through the authentication process to grant your app an access token which can then be used with the Users endpoint to get the user details associated with that token.

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