Is it possible to retrieve ID of user who closed prediction?

Hello, my question is whether it is possible to retreive user_id or ideally display name of channel moderator who closed (successfully ended) prediction. If it’s not possible using API, is there any other way (maybe contacting support)? I know you can determine who created specific prediction, but I can’t find anything about who ended it.
Side note: We just had an issue, with one of the mods trolling and closing predictions wrongfully, but we have no idea who’s doing it.

if it’s closed via the API then it will report that the streamer did it.

EventSub doesn’t report whom does it either (either open or closed)

Otherwise no you have a frontend query which we don’t touch.
So no there are no third party stuff for monitoring which mod did an action relating to predictons (or polls).

It wasn’t closed via the API, I know that it was closed via UI in browser (basically it was closed by ‘standard’ human moderator). I was just trying to find a way to retrieve it using API.

The API doesn’t report whom did it.

Thank you. Do you think there is any chance that I could get that information by any other means, for example contacting twitch support?

Not that I know of and I don’t think support will be able to help either. But you never know unless you ask.

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