Is it possible to use the Twitch API to detect follows without domain?

Good night everyone,

I came here cause I’m new using REST APIs and with everything related to web APIs, but I’m managing a project that only I was able to create a bot for IRC. The problem is that IRC just contains things with a message included, and then I can’t detect follows, then I have to use other protocols. I was looking for EventSub, but I saw that WebSocket and WebHooks requires from registration with a URL callback. My project is made to be used privately, without using any third-party servers or build my own service using my credentials. Cause this I try to build it so people have to configure with their own credentials, like with the IRC Bot. I was wondering if there’s already something prepared to use and allow to get things like followers or channel points without requiring of a complex callback and in live. I’ld like to make it mostly on runtime, but if it’s not possible I can try preparing it on a scheduled way.

It’s not possible to use EventSub or Webhooks without an internet accessible callback (and for EventSub it has to be over HTTPS too). Also for client-side apps you likely shouldn’t be using those services anyway as the user may not be able to open the appropriate ports, or use port forwarding, for your app.

For an app running on a users machine rather than your own server to detect follows you would simply poll the Get Users Follows endpoint once per minute, as that wouldn’t require a webserver to be running.

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