Is team channel list loading depreciated?


I have a plugin that loads the list of channels from a few different Twitch teams from putting /live_channels.json on the end of the team API URL. This seems to be 404’ing now ( was the particular URL in question), as well as with the old format ( Has this functionality been removed/depreciated? I have temporarily removed it from my plugin for now.


That API has been deprecated for a few years now so it’s possible Twitch finally removed it.


Yep, we removed it. As a reminder, any api endpoint that doesn’t begin with is unsupported and can be removed at any time with no warning.


Can we expect the Kraken API to get an update to at the very least support the all_channels endpoint for teams?

Those endpoints were, as far as I know, the only way to properly retrieve a list of channels in a team.


Thanks for the response. My other functions are all under the new api endpoint and functional. :slight_smile:


Would be nice to see this endpoint available in Kraken asap…

Any info about this ?


Will that endpoint be available in Kraken anytime soon? I created a Twitch Team so I could pull the live users without having to loop through my whole DB.


That seems a lot worse than using the Twitch streams endpoint and requesting multiple channels. Compile a list of 100 channels and fetch them all with the channel query string parameter on /streams.


I use the follow end point. One of my bots follows only the people I need to get live status of.


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