Is there any workaround for the OAuth?

Here’s the deal, I’m building a chrome extension for a friend that streams here (pretty big streamer).
The thing is that I want to check every minute if he’s online by making an api call, but I don’t want the people using the extensions to be logged into Twitch. Is this possible?

Essentially: no

In order to use the API requires an oAuth token.

The “fix” here is instead of the extension calling the API, is the extension calls your server, and your server says if the streamer is live or not.

Then your server can use eventsub instead for stream up/down notifications. So you don’t even have to call the API as Twitch will tell you when a stream is live or not.

We don’t have any server. The idea was polling the API with random sleep times to avoid exceeding the rate limit :confused: so I guess it won’t be possible to do this, such a shame

Thanks Barry! :slight_smile:

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