Is twitch.ext.actions.subscribeToChannel usable?

My company is developing a plugin for its clients (zoos), which has camera controls to use while watching the stream.

We’re trying to create a suite of controls that can be used based on the viewer status (Not following, Follower, and Subscriber);

To incentive/communicate users, we have a threshold to control how long a user can interact with a specific functionality before we prompt them a pop-up asking them to either follow or subscribe.

The pop-up that asks the user to follow makes uses of the twitch.ext.actions.followChannel after a button click, and it works like a charm. But the one that asks the user to subscribe uses twitch.ext.actions.subscribeToChannel but nothing happens. We tried to pass channel name, similar to the subscribeToChannel and channelId, but we had no luck. The channel where this plugin is installed has Affiliate status and the plugin has the monetization feature for subscriptions enabled as well.

I couldn’t find any reference to this function on the Twitch Dev Documentation, so I was curious if any of you know if this feature even works, and if so, how to implement it?

That function is not documented for use.

I believe it’s locked to like 3/4 extensions for “testing” but it has never moved out from this testing phase to wider use.

I also would love access to it but am stuck just showing a link to for the moment


Thanks for your reply;

We decided to implement something on the same lines of what you suggested. Needless to say it would be great to use this function for a seamless flow, but this will do for now!