Is Twitch helping us or just putting stones in the way?

Twitch host test server is very outdated. the test template is useless, it’s 3 years old. Twitch doesn’t take care of its developer community. the ngix hosted test server is complete garbage. Please I can’t upload my extension with webpack 5 and websocket 4. Here you can see how little you want to develop as free software. a greeting.hahaha horrible? I Will update my extensión and turndown your fucking bits system! :d hahaha.We’ll meet in front of a judge.

Well yes, Twitch won’t run services for you.

So you can upload upload static HTML/JS. no server components can be uploaded. As Twitch doesn’t want to run server componts for you.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, serve static content. Theres no “server stuff” to generate content dynamically. Which is what it seems you are trying to do.

It seems that Twitch doesn’t want to run “server things” for you. But this is what you are trying to upload.

Extensions are pretty straight forward

  • they are websites
  • the front end is static HTML/JS/CSS with no direct server side rendering
  • the backend is on a different server to the front end.

It’s not disimilar to a caching service, theres just no server behind the caching server to generate content as needed.

It’s not oudated in my opinion, as it meets the exact design that it’s supposed to.

It’s just a static content delivery service.

Not sure what you mean here

Sure support what you want, or don’t want in your extension.

Um, ok. Not sure what you mean here either. There Twitch Extension CDN doesn’t break any laws I’m aware of.

Isn’t the template outdated? I’m trying to do a simple “npm install” and it’s all errors. Stones and more stones along the way.

Don’t use the template then?

Extensions are just webpages, you don’t need to use a template or anything of that nature if you don’t want to. Just make a page that complies with all the Extension requirements and guidelines.


What template do you refer to.

Debug and solve the errors, thats what I do whenever I use someone elses example code.

Sounds like you might be using the developer rig which has a handful of weird issues and generally best avoided especailly when using “seed my project with example code”.

You can fetch those examples from the TwitchDev Github manually and do whatever npm tasks you need. Repos: Twitch Developers · GitHub Sure some of them are a little outdated, but they are just examples

Based on your other post you already have a working extension via a nextJS project, no?