Issue with Block User call

Trying to block users using the API, I’ve got the correct scopes in place and authorised as per the API documentation, when I send the PUT request through I get a “No Content” response as the status response.

I’m not receiving any errors but when I the “Get User Block List” it is not returning any of the blocked users that I have sent the block request for?

This is the response I’m receiving:


I’m using C# with a RestSharp package to handle the requests.

I’ve also checked in the settings → Security & Privacy → Show Blocked Users and they’re not showing in here either.

Also apologies, my first time using this forums, so if you need anything or I’ve posted it in the wrong place please let me know.

That is the correct response

HTTP 204 - No Content

It’s likely the entities you are blocking are TOS’ed and thus won’t be returned

Wow! Thanks for the quick response! I have been making it to assist with banning and blocking the HOSS bots that’s been going around so that may be the case?

Please refer to this help guide

Blocking these accounts does absolutely nothing to help you.
As the scumbags are generating accounts as quickly as Twitch TOS’es them

Blocking them will do nothing to help you.
And it’s (theoretically) a misuse (not in terms of TOS but in terms of the intent of the endpoint) of the block endpoint. Since they are not sending chat messages for you to block and not see. (But mods will see messages anyway in order to moderate them, so again, doing nothing to help you)

And their whole intent is for you to waste your time and cause extra API requests to Twitch to block them.

So you are doing nothing to help yourself and causing extra load on Twitch’s systems.


Thanks! I’ll read through this link and re-evaluate this functionality in my bot and deprecate blocking these bots in that case.

No point in clogging the system if it doesn’t help.

Again thanks a bunch for the quick responses. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Yeah, someone elses tool, causes the whole block system to be backed up for the better part of a week.

Which means that blocking all these bots caused users to be unable to block people actually being annoying

Yeah it’s tough since Twitch takes one down and two more pop in in their place.

So you are always on the back foot.

Most Welcome!

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