JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

Nothing for me, I still don’t see PART/JOIN. Nor userlist.

Unless I need premium/paid account? Lol.

As previously stated, JOIN/PART are disabled until E3 is over.

Okay, what about NAMES?

I still have no clue where to type this in, or even how to type this in. It just tells you what to type.

How and where do i input this into mIRC to get the joins and parts working again, also since twitch changed things over even though i am connected my bot wont reply with even simple scripted commands any help ?

That would sound like your bot no longer sees moderators.

So run .mods and parse the response or begin consuming the memberships CAP.
I can’t help much with that as I will not touch mIRC with a 1million foot barge pole myself.

This thread may help @foxtv69 mIRC IRCv3 tags: help!

NAMES like JOIN/PART was always finickity…

In mIRC you have to use /raw CAP REQ to request the membership capability. You have to use the /raw command to send it directly to the server, instead of to a channel or something. In other programs it would be something similiar (/raw or /quote or something).

mIRC assumes any command it does not know is to be sent to the server, so /CAP REQ should work

What does that have to do with small streamers? Anyone can use that command and get joins/parts.

membership, partnership - they all alike :slight_smile:

Is E3 over? Has this feature been enabled yet?

Membership is a IRC/chat capability.

Anyone using Chat over IRC can request it.

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Partnership. Or streamer size. Or Sub Button.

You seem to be confused.

About 11 hours ago JOIN/PART via CAP Request was enabled

Membership in this instance specifically refers to a command you can send to the server.

Specifically, this text command is sent:

As @BarryCarlyon stated, it has nothing to do with purchasing anything, being partnered, or doing anything above and beyond simply having a chat account that you can log in with.

Thanks, I’m not sure if the command I was trying before actually worked but did nothing just because the feature wasn’t re-enabled yet, but based on how I didn’t get any kind of message when inputting those commands, I assume they didn’t do anything. This, however, did give a message after I entered the command, and then join messages and the functional userlist returned almost immediately.

I never knew how much I liked those notifications and the userlist until it got taken away for a few days. I mean, I was so uncertain about talking to people because for all I knew the person I would talk to left five minutes ago, without notifications I would have no idea.

Well, I got it to work on one computer, but for some reason on the one where I actually use the IRC, no matter what I try, it isn’t fixing it.

If you send the message once, you’ll get a response like CAP * ACK

If you send it again it will disable itself and respond with CAP * NAK

It looks like you have to request this each time you join the server, but if you send it twice without disconnecting you’re just disabling it.

Heads up - our chat servers once again send membership state, but only for clients which request the membership capability.

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Does the /commands CAP turn the names lists back on? Or is that something still not in yet?

For my bot I need to know who’s in the channel when it joins, not just see who joins/leaves after the bot enters.

I do understand you can use the api to pull this data but that means sending an api request when you’re already talking to a socket connection. Would prefer to do it all in one way than having to bodge it.