JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

So for this to work you need to enter that every time before you even join your stream chat? And from what I can tell, if your IRC happens to disconnect for a split second then there’s no way to get your viewerlist back either?

You only need to send the CAP for membership on connection after sending PASS/USER before joining any channels.

Most IRC applications allow you to send server commands before join and after connect.

I added it to IRSSI without issue. It’s common enough as enough IRC networks do NICKSERV different for Custom Commands after connect and before Join to be a needed thing.

So in summary, yes you need to send the CAP on every connect/reconnect to the server yes.

Is there a limit to the numbers of users you can get in the user list when activating it with membership?
We have over 1k viewers in chat but the user list in irc never goes over 995 users.

When someone watches your stream he is a viewer, but he became a chatter only if he is logged in.

Yea i know that but the user list never went over 995 users. It was at 995 with just over 1k viewers and it was still 995 with over 1300 viewers.

We don’t send membership updates (besides OPs) for rooms with more than 1k members.

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Im using TWITCHCLIENT 1 and used to take the jtv status updates to check is users are subbed but I am no longer receiving them. Is there a new cap that I need to use now? is horrid and sends everything including the channel messages to the status window. It would be nice if there was a list of all the caps and what exactly they do instead of making it a last minute guessing game. I get that you guys needed to remove features to cover for the fact that you did not prepare for the outcome of e3, but this is not time time to sneak changes into irc.

We posted about these upcoming changes on the forums and in our official API documentation about a month ago. We may consider creating something like a chat-dev mailing list to make it easier to discover these kinds of updates if developers would find it useful (give us feedback!).

You can find the complete list of our caps and other IRC behavior here:

If people start requesting more granular caps which make sense for our system, we’re always open to making changes, so please keep the feedback coming!

If people start requesting more granular caps which make sense for our system, we’re always open to making changes, so please keep the feedback coming!

Since it is rumored that whispers will be moving off IRC, how about adding something like CPRIVMSG or CNOTICE for bots to respond to users with. This could cut down heavily on the spam bots generate with excess responses in channels, while preventing spam bots from utilizing it since it requires MODE +o to use.

You could also possibly extend this to allow non-moderator users of a channel to be able to message just the moderators of a channel, which would allow someone who may have been wrongly banned to request an unban from a mod. In a more usable use case, it could be used to further hide chat bot activity from public chat by sending commands directly to the bots along with channel context, as @moocat was asking for earlier.

While this may not directly benefit Twitch, it would be a beneficial change for us third party bot developers. If many bots implement this, it could abstract the added spam of raffle keywords and other extremely spammy chat commands that bots have. It promotes a cleaner and better end-user experience for chatters in larger channels.


P.S. (Group Chat Cluster) is dead


Join/Parts aren’t appearing for me on the group chat servers, even after requesting the membership CAP in my client.
It’s working fine on the normal chat servers though with the same settings.
However, when I try to use the NAMES command, it comes up with unknown command.

Ive been using the /raw CAP REQ command for a few days now working fine and now all of a sudden it wont show any info like joins parts and user list, and i believe im doing everything right connecting to the server inputting the command directly to the server and then join a channel but still nothing, ANY IDEAS as my bot is used a moderation bot in channels ??

Сheck post № 66, maybe that is your problem.

Nope way less members the 1,000 and i am a OP in the channel im trying to join

Everything seems ok in a small channel and a large channel I’m monitoring.

This is very helpful, however, these caps dont replace what twitchclient 1 used to do. Tags gives me the information I need but comes at the huge cost of sending every channels messages to the main status window and not the channel window. Is there something else I can use or a fix planned for this?

That depends on what IRC client you are using, but for JOIN/PART info you need only /membership, which do not cause “messages to status”.

Our goal is to provide basic chat functionality for our IRC users. We’re unlikely to invest effort into allowing IRC clients (aside from bots and third party applications) to utilize the full range of Twitch-specific functionality.

If you’re really set on getting this data while using an IRC client though, you could look into chatty.

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This is going to make me look stupid, but why am I getting this response?

Capability change denied:

Your IRC client version and what you exectly sent could help.

KVIrc 4.2.0


Also, after a bit more work, the request does work when I type it in manually. If I try to run it on connect, on login, onIRC, etc, I get denied.

EDIT: Got it, it was just me.

quote CAP REQ